Kettlebell training is very dynamic and satisfying means of exercising and improving performance. We perform many different lifts with one or two kettlebells in a variety of exercise protocols which challenge our ability to sustain time, perform repetitions and progress kettlebell weight.

Exercising with kettlebells can benefit in strength gains and endurance levels as well as improving mobility and stability. There can be a high calorie burn during a workout, therefore assisting with fat burning goals.

Kettlebell lifting is also a competitive sport which is hugely exciting and rewarding once the first platform performance has been overcome and achieved!

The benefits and enjoyment of lifting kettlebells can be put down to proper understanding and handling. The essentials of lifting can be instructed, therefore making it highly suitable for most people to achieve under a watchful eye and with considerations made.



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We have been teaching people to lift kettlebells and delivering exercise classes since 2008 when we certified in the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF).

4 IKFF Instructors are now in-house who teach and train to very high standards.

Our training space is located in the centre of Aberdeen which is super handy for visiting us!

KBA members regularly compete in local and national Kettlebell Sport competitions and often represent the National Team at International Events.

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