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Think of kettlebell training as the trunk of a tree, it is the body of our sporting topic. Its branches are the types of training methods that can be offered and figuratively speaking, there are many branches to kettlebell training.

At Kettlebells Aberdeen, we like train in many of the branches, or types, of kettlebell training methodogies. We want to intertwine the branches and develop into fine all rounded practitioners. From beginners to advanced athletes, KBA lifters enjoy fulfillment of a hobby & skill set as well as addressing exercise levels. While improving on fitness, our classes can benefit our agility, mobility and stability. Gains in strength and endurance can be expected and fat loss can be assisted with great effect.

         It was about dynamics


Ray Wilson is the founder and instructor at KBA and was introduced to the kettlebell in his martial arts school. It is a popular training tool in combat schools because of the dynamic and explosive workouts that can be achieved, complementing the intensity of such training. 


Ray developed his learning and testing of the kettlebell, enjoying the benefits and challenging workouts in the gym, at home and outdoors.

          Certification & Launch


In 2008, Steve Cotter took his newly founded IKFF certification to the UK and Ray started his teaching journey. Kettlebells Aberdeen (KBA) was launched and classes began for the martial arts school as well as the public.


Ray continues to train with and learn from the heads of the IKFF, Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn, as well as his fellow Certified Kettlebell Teachers (CKT's) across the UK.

In 2013 Ray was the first to be promoted to IKFF UK Master Trainer.

            To the platform!


Now in it's seventh year, KBA has delivered training workshops, classes and also teacher certification weekends thourghout the UK.


Kettlebell training also offers competitive sport as a specilised goal. A great way to unite local and international athletes by lifting on platforms and competing in dedicated lifts. Awards and ranks are given to those who lift the most! 


The Aberdeen Kettlebell Club was launched, and this is a team of KBA lifters who train to compete in kettlebell sport competitions. 

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