Kettlebell classes are instructor-led and all kettlebell abilities are encourenged to join in, after the beginners workshop is completed.

The class is fitness based, but with regular focus on developing techniques and learning new ones. Bodyweight exercises are included and we strive to become well rounded kettlebell athletes!


This class delivers combat training methodology mixed with kettlebells and other training toys!

Expect higher intensity and experience with padwork and bagwork is required.



This session is dedicated to sporting lifts and the team train together to reach new Personal Bests (PB's) on various aspects of the sport. Reps, Time, Weights are all tested. Competition training is availble to everyone, although attending competitons is not a requirement - it's just an awesome way to train with bells!



This is a fast paced 90 minute introduction to kettlebell training. Enough to learn the basic principles and how to lift the fundamental exercises correctly. Gain the knoweldge, perform plenty of reps and take home a new skill set to be used in your personal time or in KBA classes.



Naturally progressing after the beginners workshop, try to get 4-6 hours lifting done and then these workshops will help hone the skills already learned as well introduce new lifts and training methodologies.

The KB Sport workshop is dedicated to the sporting lifts that happen in competition.

         Workshops: DEDICATED TOPICS


These workshops will be dedicated to particular topics connected with our kettlebell training. Time will be spent looking in close detail and developing the skills, even performing variations of a certain lift. 

These workshops will be identified to the benefit of students and topics can be requested too.

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