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Kettlebell training can be tested and measured in many ways, and I have wanted to bring an in-house recognition method for a while. This is the first, and I am excited about it!

Introducing the 5 Min. GS Series and 10 Min. GS Series medals to our KBA training program.

The 3 traditional Kettlebell Sport lifts (Jerk, Snatch and Long Cycle Clean & Jerk) are performed individually for 5 minutes with the same kettlebell weight. All three lifts are performed in the same training session, and the full 5 minutes must be achieved.

Successful completion results in a 5 Min. GS Series medal with the ribbon in the colour of the bell weight that was lifted.

Progression will be to lift the same bell weight for the three lifts but for 10 minutes each, resulting in the complementary 10 Min. GS Series medal.

Furthermore, the next heavier bell will be introduced to start training for the 5 minute sets. As you can see, the training cycle is continuous, measured and rewarding with a collection of coloured medals to reach for.

I think that Kettlebell Sport is excting and rewarding. The traditional lifts, their training methods and progression of our abililty, fitness and understanding results in rewarding personal development.

Kettlebell Sport is traditionally known as Girevoy Sport, and this is often shortened to GS, hence the GS Series medals.

Some people are not interested in the competitive sport, and therefore may oversee the opportunity to train in this way.

I have introduced this to our training because I think it is that valuable for us to have as good all rounded kettlebell lifters. I suggested at the start of this post that this is the first of a couple of recognition methods to be intorduced... more to follow soon!

The medal system is open to all KBA lifters, and I encourage everyone to strive to earn one.

We have a dedicated class on Friday's at 6pm, and welcome you. I run dedicated technique classes which present the Jerk and Snatch too.

Here is the online booking site.

Finally, well done to the first of the 5 min GS Series lifters....

These guys are seasoned KB sport competitors with KBA as most of you will know, but everyone still worked to achieve their times by continous training and now have new targets in sight.

Thanks for reading!

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