What KBA does.

Thinking of a well known TV advert a number of years ago, I overheard their slogan used in conversation between friends on a subject not in the least relating to woodstain...

Kettlebells Aberdeen "does what is says on the tin", I guess, haha!

We do Kettlebell training in Aberdeen!

I got to thinking, what are the specifics to further identify Kettlebells Aberdeen?

What is our version of "Rainproof in 30 minutes" or "Long Lasting Colour & Protection"

We teach and educate people how to lift kettlebells correctly and effectively.

We exercise with kettlebells.

We compete in Kettlebell Sport.

Kettlebells, and kettlebell training, is not new. We can't use that anymore. It is not the "latest thing". People with an interest in sport, fitness or wellbeing will mostly know or can identify what a kettlebell is.

It may not be new, but it certainly continues to be exciting and beneficial to those who commit to it.

I am lucky that some people recognise that good instruction is important, and we can offer that through classes, workshops and 1-2-1's. The information customers and students gain allows them to introduce, or further utilise, a kettlebell as part of their exercise or wellbeing routine.

Our kettlebell classes are driven by exercise and working out, but are supported with education, either to the group or to individuals. This ensures quality and development of our kettlebell training participants. As an IKFF instructor, I proudly promote development and understanding of kettlebell training as well as fulfilment from exercise.

We can be specific and dedicate training to a handful of traditional kettlebell lifts which are progressively targetable, challenging and rewarding. These lifts are standardised and are performed competitively locally, nationally and internationally.

We also use the traditional lifts as an in-house training system to commit to kettlebell sport, without actually standing on the platform.

Most people know I love all these aspects of KBA's version of "Rainproof in 30 minutes", but to some new subscribers, it is nice to let you know.

Thanks for reading!

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Check out our new KBA Gift Vouchers!

These are available now and can make a great gift for introducing someone new to kettlebell training, or for advancing a particular kettlebell skill. Buy it for 1-2-1 sessions by contacting me :-)

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