GSU Scottish Championships 2016

Whoa, whatta weekend!

We were delighted to host one of the big 4 GSU events in what was a great day of kettlebell sport.

We had local, national and international competitors take to the platform in the Biathlon and Long Cycle Events, and they included record holders such as Abi Johnstone from Scotland, Eddie Sheehan and from Ireland Kimberley Fox from America.

These guys did not disappoint on the day, putting on amazing performances - Abi with 20kg Biathlon (double Jerk), Eddie putting up huge numbers with the 32kg bells and Kimberley handling double 24kg in the ladies Long Cycle.

Danish veteran athletes Inge and Dorothe were inspiring as they both lifted 20kg Double Long Cycle.

Closer to home, and the team at Kettlebells Aberdeen had 7 competitors. While it is great hosting an event like this, the downside is not really seeing your team prepare and lift with as much attention as a coach would like.

Nevertheless, everyone lifted great and PB’s, awards and experience were gained.

Here are the KBA results:

Karen, 16kg Biathlon, 106 Jerk, 71 Snatch, Gold Medal

Sian, 20kg Long Cycle, 78 reps, Bronze Medal.

Caz, 16kg Biathlon, 138 Jerk, 136 Snatch. Gold Medal and Female Veteran Biathlon Winner

Phil, 24kg Biathlon, 37 Jerk, 144 Snatch, Silver Medal.

Anthony, 24kg Biathlon, 28 Jerk, 113 Snatch, Gold Medal

Winslie, 12 kg Biathlon, 102 Jerk (single KB), 78 Snatch. Gold Medal

Ray, 2x24kg Long Cycle, 85 reps. Gold Medal and Male Adult Long Cycle Winner

I am always inspired by this sports ability to offer so much. Winslie, 63, committed just about 3 months training for this and what would be his first competitive event - ever.

Winslie was excited at the opportunity to test himself at a competition that was on his doorstep. While his lifts were not strictly in the GSU list of available events, the GSU and I were inspired by his enthusiasm and development that it was a no brainer to get Winslie up there on the platform in front of a supportive and growing crowd.

This reflects so nicely what kettlebell training can offer us - the development of a past time and hobby into more dedicated lifting, into testing yourself, improving your fitness and striving to achieve better results. Brilliant.

I am proud of everyone lifting so well and while we have enjoyed a less intense week this week, I am looking forward to meeting up soon and making plans for the next events.

I have to give a big thanks to everyone involved with the organisation and preparation of the day. The GSU provided preparation advice, the bells and timers (Mark, Abi and Angelina). The guys at Wolverson Fitness provided the winners prizes and the KBA team on the day provided loads of support - Lou, John, Phil, Karen, Sian and Caz & Connor.

The Hilton Convention Centre itself was very supportive and accommodating and I received great complements for the venue itself.

Also thanks to the raffle contributors - Walkers, Food for Fitness, Rustico Restaurant, Glen Garioch, Wolverson Fitness, The Fire Training Group and the GSU. Their prizes made for happy raffle winners and resulted in support of the KBA team.

A full list of the results can be found on the GSU webpage soon.

So thats that for another wee while. I was so excited to deliver another kettlebell competition in Aberdeen again and with big support and visitors to the event, it shows that our sport continues growing from strength to strength.

I look forward to doing it again!

If you are in Aberdeen and you are reading this and want to know more about kettlebell lifting and kettlebell sport, be sure to use the contact page and drop me a line and we can get you started!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy some photos from the day below :-)


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