At Kettlebells Aberdeen, we have been lucky to introduce many people to kettlebell training. Here are some personal reviews on starting out, to attending classes, through to lifting in kettlebell sport competitions.


“Ray was highly recommended to me by my brother and I could’t agree more! I contacted Ray with a specific request to help me find other ways to exercise without placing weight or straining an old injury that was not going away. We spoke over the phone in detail about my injury and fitness level/capabilities, then agreed to book a 1-2-1. The 1-2-1 session was fantastic and a huge eye opener for me with regards to kettlebells. I didn’t realise how little I knew about them even though I had been using them on and off over the years in the gym. Not only was it fantastic learning how to use the kettlebells properly but also having Ray there to correct any in-balance in my posture and making sure there was no strain on my injury. I have since been back for a second 1-2-1 session and plan many more. Ray is very knowledgable in his field and an extremely conscientious trainer. If you want to see results, this is the man to see.”​
Isabelle, on being a new start


“Been thinking about getting into Kettlebells for awhile and suspected getting trained to lift them correctly from the start was a no brainer!I have a lifting background and still really felt the benefit of getting Ray to correct my techniqe with a starter 1-2-1 workshop. Had a follow up training session 1-1 that got me started on a more detailed workout plan to take away with me Offshore. Been to one of his classes also and was really impressed with the variety and interesting moves he had us doing. If your bored of the usual gym machines its well worth checking out!My technique is improving and next time I hope to get along to a class and show my improvement. Great guy to train with and great training love it!”​
Richie, on being a new start


“What I love most about kettlebell training is the fact that you can do more, in less time than visiting the gym. Also, In the 6 years since starting training with KBs I am much stronger and have been injury free in all that time (I used to suffer from painful knees before starting out). The calorie burn from a simple 20 minute KB workout is an average 270 cals for me, running just over 3 miles in the same time. So for a 1 hour class calories torched is quite amazing!! From a KB sport perspective, I love GS as I am always learning and refining my technique which allows me to lift more reps. Whilst competing in KB sport is optional, it’s a great way to meet fellow lifters and learn from watching some of the best lifters in the world who make it look effortless”​
Phil, on being a KBA regular


“Let's face it, life is hectic and achieving those goals you set, well.. they just seem so elusive. Mine started Oct '14 and a year later I'd lost weight, but I hit that plateau. That's when I booked myself into a Kettlebells Aberdeen workshop and now am delighted at how much I learned in such a short time.

Here are THREE little imperceptible almost insignificant things that Ray pointed out to me at the class that vastly improved my ability: 1. Using a towel as aid to go deeper into Squat 2. Rocking motion of the swing & breathing pattern 3. Relaxing the grip on the handle by double & triple tap. My progress is mainly from attending sessions with Ray. When I measure the improvements against cost and time taken for that achievement; I feel he has a skill to pinpoint those little adjustments I needed, to make rapid progress. I could not have found those THREE little personal changes in a book, magazine or YouTube.

Little changes that spirals achievements.”​
Winslie, on being a new start


“I have been training with Ray for years and keep coming back for the enthusiasm, motivation and dedication he gives to each and every member. Kettlebells is a great way to stay in shape and become functionally strong. I have even used kettlebells to help rehabilitate a shoulder injury. Energise, enjoy, evolve - Aberdeen Kettlebell Club.”​
Sian, on being a KB regular

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